10 Exquisite Youtube Full Body Workouts To Lose Weight Quickly

Phew! I so much hate gym! But, often times I lust for a great, dripping workout to keep off  my worries and maintain sound health of the body and also, keep fit. In addition, it’s important to feel how a sweet  sweat session helps one to rest so much better at night. Therefore, shouldn’t I get my workout routine at home rather than exhaust my precious time in a crowded, overrated gym.

Often, I break a sweat in my room’s corner while my young cousin watches in amusement as she stares at me with confusion in her face,  I could tell from her face that she’s clueless of my actions and would love to participate if she could.

No gainsay, I’ve literally ‘googled’ my way through thousands of different body-building and weight-loss workout programs videos not letting out YouTube on this, but little interesting videos have I found over the years which I’d love to share and help keep you fit also.

As a sucker for a perfect body, I’m always on the search engine  for the latest and exquisite routines to help fit  in a killer look.

Dr Edward Laskowski: Body Workouts for All Muscle Groups

Taking form the words of Dr Edward Laskowski, he someone should get at least moderate aerobic activity of 150 or in a week take 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity. He further says, that someone needs to strengthen training exercises for all major muscle groups at least two times a week.

Having searched for a long time and done did many findings on videos to help burn calories, my most cherished  full-body workouts with no doubts meet this requirement which I’m willing to share with you.

Stay in line and take a glimpse  at 10 of the adequate cardio and strength training workouts to burn fats fast from your own very living room.

10 Exquisite Workouts To Lose Weight And Burn Fat Fast

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  1. Jeanette Jenkins in her magical routine – How to burn 600 calories in 60 minutes workout (No Gear required).

Are you shocked? You might be thinking wtf!  600 calories in 60 minutes? Undoubtedly, you can burn 600 calories in just 60 minutes if you adhere strictly to the programs as been given by the instructor in this video. This is a  cardio-etching workout of kickboxing with The Hollywood Fitness Trainer herself Jeanette Jenkins, she definitely will test every fragment of your endurance.

With her is a group of fun women to Roll with  this all- round body drill excepting the use of  any gear or whatsoever.

This whole moment, seriously You are  moving  –  your heart beating up and at the same time your body fats are burning.

The love  for Jeanette’s routine gives mutation  for lots  of different drills. These options are to be taken advantage of when you want  a concise crack, therefore, you need not quit your program wholly.

  1. Packed – Body workout For Starters – Workout with Dumbbell

Are you a total alien to this workout with dumbbell?

There is need to get it right that this packaged-body workout is extremely flawless. This is a new standard workout program for a well-built body and sound health.

This program main target is to build your butt, glutes, back, legs, core, glutes, shoulder, abs, thighs, and hips . Yipe!, this program takes care of everything.

For this routine, a set of 3 to 10 pound dumbbells will be needed and also you should get a rug  to go along with this routine. What intrigue me the most?

The instructions in this program are well detailed and explained that one would get the exercises right. How simple! Another intriguing thing about this routine is that you need not to waste much of your time trying to get the programs right,  it’s so direct in straight forward, very easy to practice.

Got it right?

Let’s move to the next tip!

  1. How to Burn Full body Calories in 30 minutes.

Are you getting obese?

Feeling ashamed of the fats in your body and need to burn as many calories as you could?

Here we have 30 minutes Workout that would burn calories so fast and keep full body shaped and healthy. Finishing this routine comes with a big price of sweating profusely like Usain Bolt just touched the finish line. The mesmerizing thing about this routine is that, it’s full-body worked out workout. It helps regulates both  respiratory and  circulatory system of the body and of course,  it does the needful, it keeps you fit!  What a magic for 30 minutes?

This  workout among other workouts provides upgraded versions for those that are lagging be hing in their workout training. It’s the fittest program for the fit.

What you’ve need beside you while doing this workout is a bottle or cup of water, a set of medium weights, and…your agility. Burning of fat is made easy as well as boosting metabolism.

  1. Dance as a cardio Workout- ModelFit (No gear required)

If your Shakira-like , then you’ve got this going. Seen many workout programs, this is the most intriguing and fun. A better chance to work out and have fun. What can be more intriguing? This routine is a packaged-body workout without the use of any equipment.

I’m not sure if you’re like me,  because my love for routines with no equipment is really immense and this makes my favorite workout program so far.

Obviously, the ladies are keen about this routine as it serves as both fun and workout.

This 30 minutes routine is more fun and sweaty!

  1. HIIT Workout for 10 minutes ( Home workout with kids)

Heard about ‘Quickie’?  This workout is one quickie workout.  It lasts just for 10minutes and it vigorously intensify full-body Fitness and fast fat burning. High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) is a severe yet fast workout in just 10 minutes  and it’s packed with high-intensity with eight elements exercises which would engage your wholly body.

This routine is suitable for people who have no time on their side but lusting for a dense workout.

Most fascinating thing about this workout is that your children can also join you while doing this workout!

  1. Whole Body Build Up for 15 minutes

This might be others favorite routine because of its wholly ability to build the body. In just 15 minutes long.

In this video, these girl will definitely make you break a sweat in less than 15minutes as it entails the combination of a light dumbbell and bottle of water.

This exercise looks effortless and builds body fast and also, burns calories.

  1. Workout Video for fitness blender barricade– Free 39 Minute Barre Workout at Home

Ever have you  engaged in a barre-lecture?

This workout is not even hilarious!

While doing this workout, there is a need for you to readily have your muscles to the test. Seen a set of killer equivalent exercises?  – this workout is a replica of one!

The most strange aspect of this routine is that, it appears like you are not really doing a thing,  Just like when you’ve not started, you’re already feeling the burn.

What do you need for this routine?

Have with you a rug and a set of light dumbbells, and yikes!  go get it done!

  1. Victoria’s Secret Models Toning and Boxing Workout

Don’t you mesmerize at the shape of Victoria’s Secret models ‘ shape? They are brain behind this very workout.

Oh my-oh my! You need to see how insanely gorgeous this workout is.

This workout is a 40minutes combination of both toning and boxing workouts, it comes optional with the use of light equipment while doing some programs.

The best place this workout need be done is Palin floor or marble,  non-rug, the reason to this is the case of the workout involvements in a gliding movement with the aid of couple hand towels. It is advisable this routine be done in intervals of a day or 2days max.

Waiting to see your Victoria’s Secret model mode!

  1. Sophisticated Fat Burning 30 minutes HIIT Cardio Workout.

Whoop! Trust me,  this workout ain’t scary but I was scared at my first attempt. This 30 minutes HIIT cardio workout should be termed ‘Throw me in my shape in a jiffy’ – its a workout of intervals – go 60 seconds, rest 30 seconds.

The drill about this exercise is nothing exceptionally difficult but it’s practice in intervals makes it look a bit terrifying,  the gist now is that, it’s interval aspect is what exactly forces out the fats and keeps you in proper shape that you lust for. Respect the program and the trainer!

  1. Bodyweight Bootcamp Workout (45 minutes long workout that you Can practice Anywhere)

Hoola! Many ladies find this fun and exciting. The query is, show me who isn’t fascinated about an impressive bootcamp workout? Can you wait for the killer? The best part is that, the whole of this routine is specialized  on six easy exercises that has to do with the usage of your whole body weight.

Save the excuses!  This is one workout you can do anytime and anywhere as you so please and the rate of your hunger to actually burn fats and stay fit.

Rather than seeing an episode of a series for 40minutes why not drip some sweats and keep your body at its possibly best shape. These videos are documentaries I would love to share with you because I wanna see you look good and awesome.


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