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The Changing Nature Of Media

The Changing Nature Of Media Media are the visual communication tools or sources utilized to transmit and publish information or data in the form of pictures, images, sounds or any form. In general, the term indicates elements of the mass communications media, including print media, television, photographic, film, publishing, music, visual arts, broadcasting, and the […]

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Entertain With Entertainment

Entertaining is a broad form of social activity which holds an audience’s interest and attention with the promise of reward or enjoyment. It may be a project or an idea, however, whatever is entertainable to an audience is most likely to be one of those activities or events which has developed over centuries specifically for […]

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The Philosophy of LIFESTYLE

LIFESTYLE refers to an imaginary concept which can be applied to a wide variety of concepts, in order to explain many of the patterns of behavior which are universal among human beings. The theory is used to explain why human beings behave so differently, even when acting in similar situations. It is also used in […]

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The Major Sources of Media

The Major Sources of Media In mass communication, media are basically the communication tools or resources utilized to transmit and store data or information. The word media refers to different components of this vast mass communication communications industry, including print media, broadcast media, music, publishing, the television, film, and radio. It also can refer to […]

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