3 Rules to Shiny, Strong and Beautiful Nails

Having the best looking nails possible is what most women like to have and the everyday life causes wear and tear by doing basically anything.
Here are three steps to keeping your nails shiny, strong and beautiful even in the heat of the summer.

Shields up

Applying a base coat on your nails prevents damage, strengthens your nails, and prevents chipping by a huge margin. This is a highly recommended step!
A smart move would be to use a clear base coat because if you use colored nail polish (especially red) without a base coat, your nails will absorb the pigment trough their pores and they will become stained, discolored, and will look yellowish and unhealthy.

A helping hand for your nails

Moisturize often. We can’t stress this enough!
Applying cleaning products with bare hands is a major mistake. Detergents dry out your hands and nails. Nails swell in water, which leads to chipped nails and weakened nail beds.
We strongly recommended you to use gloves whenever you clean the house.
Apply a nourishing cream or oil every night, especially after washing the dishes.

And last but not least

Switch it up. We mentioned the discoloration issue before and now we address the solution.
A base is good and all but it is not the absolute protection.
You may be a big fan of shiny bright colors but you need to switch it up with a pastel that is not that rich in pigments every few weeks so you can give your nails the fighting break they deserve.

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