6 Simple Tips to Shave Less Often and Your Skin to Stay Smooth and Clear Longer

Shaving is a task women desire to do as seldom as it is possible. That way, women would save so much time and avoid the risk of cutting themselves by accident.
Unfortunately, shaving can’t be avoided completely, but there are some ways not to shave that frequently and also, there are ways that speed the process of shaving.
6 Simple Tips to Shave Less Often
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1. Exfoliate your skin

If you want a close and smooth shave, exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. The exfoliation will remove the dead skin and make it smooth. This will show you any small hairs that you’ve missed.

2. Keep the razor clean

If you want to shave less often, then you need to keep your razor clean. Also, when it looks like it’s in rough shape, don’t hesitate to buy a new one. Using a clean razor will ensure a long lasting shave.3.

3. Start using conditioner

Using conditioner is an efficient, but not that well known trick for shaving products. It is one of the best body products to shave with. Using a conditioner will help you have a closer shave, and also will make your skin soft and healthy.

4. Choose the best razor for you

Decide what razor is the best for your skin. You can check how different brands work for you the best. It is believed that men’s razors offer women a closer shave and protect from nicks and cuts.

5. Shave against the grain 

Shaving against the grain will make sure you are getting the closest shave possible. This means you’ll not need to go over the same spot again.

6. Avoid consuming carbs 

I am sure you haven’t heard about this, but refined carbohydrates stimulate excess hair growth. Avoid consuming carbs, or try to eat as less as possible. Switch to more vegetables and vitamin B6, which will keep hair from growing.

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