7 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Older And Fatter!

Clothes can say a lot about a person, so try to make a good impression. People’s style of clothes changes as they age. Wearing a skirt or dress and choosing the wrong hair length or color can make us older and even add a few pounds to our look.
There are more fashion mistakes people make, and here are some:

Wearing too much black

Black clothes look elegant, but older people should avoid them. The skin becomes whiter as we get older and both black clothes and hair make too much contrast. This will draw people’s attention to wrinkles and dark circles of the person wearing black.
You will look much younger if you choose a brighter shade for your hair. This does not mean you can’t wear your little black dress – do it, but use a colorful accessory.

Hiding in clothes

We often buy the wrong size clothes, so make sure you don’t do it. Clothes should cover nakedness, not to be worn so you can hide in them.

Long skirts

Short skirts are not for young people only. However, make sure you are buying the right size: skirts up to mid-calf are adequate for 20 year old girls, so choose a mid-knee skirt.

Wrong eyeglasses

Buy the right glasses frames, not the first you see. You need to choose the ones you look good in. first, you can look what is trendy in some fashion magazines and find out what fits your physiognomy. Moreover, do not stay away from bolder frames or hide your eyes.

Shopping with the wrong person

Choose the right clothes for your age because you don’t wanna look silly in something teenagers wear. Older people can also look trendy in the right fashion pieces for them. Complete your outfit with the right and fashionable accessories.

Stumpy shoes

If something is popular, it does not mean it would look good on everyone. For example, shoes with platforms do not look that good on people over 30 and 60 pounds. These people should wear slimmer shoes.

Silk scarves

Silk scarves were extremely popular in the 60’s, but they are not that much today. So, avoid wearing one your neck and try to add more style to your bag by connecting the bag handles with it. Also, you can wrap it on your wrist and make a silk bracelet.
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