Here is How You Can Get Perfect, Natural-Looking Eyebrows in 3 Minutes

Your eyebrows can change the way your face looks. Many girls and women want to keep their major facial feature looking its best, so they try techniques that will keep and shape their eyebrows.
In the  video below you will see fast and simple tricks to have amazing eyebrows.
Perfect Eyebrows
The first thing you need to do before filling your eyebrows is to brush them into place. Give them a quick brush, which will help you see all the little gaps you need to fill in. Make sure all the hairs are laying on their place.
Next, you need an eyebrow pencil with a spoolie brush on the other side. Grab the eyebrow pencil and feather your eyebrows in little strokes, following the natural shape of your eyebrows. As you get close to the start of the eyebrow, lighten up your pressure and keep feathering in little strokes. Focus especially on those areas that lack a bit of hair.
Next, grab the other end of the eyebrow pencil and brush it through the hairs and soften it up a little bit.
Then, take a bronzing powder and a small shading brush. Grab some of the bronzing powder and blend it in the start of your eyebrow, which will help soften it up.
Next, use a waterproof brow color that is ideal for sculpting, defining and carving precise eyebrows that won’t fade, such as Anastasia’s dipbrow auburn. Apply it towards the tail of your eyebrow using a small angle brush. This will help define the tail of your eyebrows.
At the end, grab your concealer and a brush. Dip the brush in the concealer and apply it under the eyebrow to give it a carved, sharp look. Start around the end of the eyebrow and draw a line pretty much under the base of the eyebrow and soften it up as you get to the start of the eyebrow.

Video and image source: Tina Yong

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