How To Eliminate Dandruff Naturally and PERMANENTLY!

Dandruff is a chronic scalp condition that occurs frequently. It causes flaking of the skin on the scalp. Although it isn’t contagious and serious, it can be embarrassing and even difficult to treat.
However, the good thing is that dandruff can be put under control. There are mild cases of dandruff that may need only shampooing with a gentle cleanser on a daily basis. This condition may become worse during the fall and winter, when indoor heating can lead to dry skin, and improve during the summer.
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How To Eliminate Dandruff Naturally and PERMANENTLY
Here are ten best natural remedies you can use to get rid of dandruff:
Baking Soda
Baking soda is one of the most powerful remedies that can cure dandruff. You just need to add 1 teaspoon of baking soda into your shampoo and wash your hair with it. However, you may see an improvement after weeks of using.
Lemon is a natural bleaching agent because of the citric acid in it. Also, lemon juice has anti-fungal characteristics that help you remove dandruff. Put some coconut oil in lemon juice and apply the mask on your scalp. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes and then rinse off with a mild shampoo.
Olive Oil
Olive oil is a popular remedy for treating dandruff all around the world. Dandruff is triggered by a dry scalp and olive oil is a natural moisturizer. Use warm olive oil to massage your scalp with. Let it stay overnight and wash with a mild shampoo the next morning.
Choose a vinegar with natural ingredients, such as apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar. Vinegar is a good remedy for itchy dandruff because it includes active potassium enzymes that  reduce the itching. Gently massage the vinegar onto your scalp or pour some of it into your last mug of water while rinsing your hair.
Aloe Vera
The fluid inside Aloe Vera leaves has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal characteristics that ease dandruff. Also, it is used to treat scaly skin in people who deal with seborrheic dermatitis. Is is a skin condition that can form dandruff. You just need to apply the plant’s gel directly on your scalp.
Using aspirin tablets can keep your dandruff at bay in a simple way. Crash two tablets into a powder and add it to your shampoo. Leave the mixture on your hair for a few minutes and then wash with water. Then, use with a normal shampoo.
Curd and pepper are home ingredients that are often used to cure dandruff. When yogurt is applied to the scalp, it acts as a soothing agent. Moreover, yogurt avoids irritation on the scalp.
Pepper includes anti-fungal characteristics. Grind well two teaspoons of black pepper and add it to a cup of curd and mix them. Apply it over your scalp and let it sit for an hour before washing.
Fenugreek is also known as “methi” and has anti-fungal properties. It soothes the scalp, softens your hair and helps you get rid of the borign dandruff. Pour water over fenugreek seeds and leave it overnight. Grind the mixture till it becomes a fine paste. Then, apply it to your scalp for 30-45 minutes and rinse off with a mild shampoo.
Gram flour
Gram flour is a great cleansing agent that removes the dirt from th scalp and cures dandruff. If you wish for better results, mix gram flour and curd and then apply it on your scalp for 20 minutes.
Squeeze the juice from a fresh apple and mix it with an equal amount of water. Apply the mixture on your scalp and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing with shampoo. Phenolase is an enzyme present in apples that removes piled up dead skin and so cures dandruff.
If trying any of these remedies, you need to be patient in order to see good results. Also, you need to use these remedies regularly.

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