How to Naturally Detox Your Face in 1 Minute

There are many DIY beauty recipes with natural ingredients that can make your face flawless. I am sure you are very happy when the recipes you like to prepare do not take too much of your time.
This article is about a natural mask that needs only one minute of your time. It is a three ingredients mask, including bentonite clay, which helps in removing toxins from the body and makes skin velvetly smooth.
How to Naturally Detox Your Face in 1 MinuteBentonite clay is a common ingredient in detox and cleansing products. It is also anti-bacterial like honey, so this mask is great for fighting break ups.
Needed ingredients:
– 1/3 Bentonite Clay
– 1/3 Organic Raw Honey
– 1/3 filtered water (
use as much as needed to make a smooth paste)
How to prepare it?
First, mix the liquids. Add clay and stir until the mixture becomes thick. You can add water as needed.
Apply the mixture on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes. Wash thoroughly.
Although the recipe is for the face, the clay has been used for centuries around the world to clean the body, make the skin softer and even soothe arthritis.
Bentonite clay is very helpful and beneficial for the skin no matter what your age. Bentonite clay mask is very popular because it draws out toxins from the skin, shrinks the pores, prevents acnes, and makes your skin soft and smooth.

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