Miracle Natural Home Remedy to Brighten Your Skin in Just 3 Days

Many individuals have dark skin patches around their neck, dark knees and elbows and dark underarms. The reasons for having dark skin patches around the neck are: the skin pigmentation issue known as acanthosis nigricans, maturing and exposure to sun. The skin around the elbows and knees is generally thicker and has a bigger number of folds than its encompassing skin. When you do not take proper care of your skin, the skin on knees and elbows turns out to be much darker than different parts of your body. Your underarms may have gone dark because of improper shaving or utilizing chemical hair uprooting creams and antiperspirants.
Here’s a natural remedy that really works!
Ingredients you need:
– Licorice Powder 
– Tomato
– Milk
– Rose Water
– Honey
Apply a thick layer of this paste on the area you want to treat and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.
Benefits of the ingredients:
The use of licorice makes the skin look fairer by brightening its color. Regular use of licorice helps to fade blemishes and dark spots. Applying tomato juice or rubbing tomato halves on the skin evens out the skin and revives the glow giving you a healthy looking skin. Milk makes skin soft and honey helps to give a natural glow to your skin. Rose water hydrates the dry skin, tones the oily skin, repairs the aging skin and soothes the sensitive skin.
This remedy really works. Do try and let me know.

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