See What Happens When You Put This Mixture on Your Face!

Every girl wants to have a gorgeous, glowing and clear skin. It is the first thing men notice in a girl. If her face has a lot of pimples, he will not consider her beautiful.
Great skin care is required in order to have gorgeous and glowing skin. The skin needs extra care and it always has to be clean.

You can do that by washing and cleaning it with toner twice or thrice daily. It will help you clean the pores of the skin that clog with dirt. If you do this often, your face will be thankful and pimples-free.
Moreover, here are some effective and simple remedies if pimples still appear. These cheap remedies will help you eliminate pimples and make your skin beautiful.

Baking Soda as a Solution for Clear Skin

Baking soda, besides used in cooking, is a popular pimple removal. It can be used as an exfoliator because it cleans the skin pores. It tights the pores and thus pimples cannot have place to form.
Used as a natural exfoliant, baking soda is much cheaper than many products at the store. With the help of baking soda exfoliant, you can eliminate the oils, makeup and dead skin cells.

What you need to do?

Prepare a thick paste mixing baking soda and water. Instead of water you can use rose water. It is up to you.
After the paste dries, rub it over your pimples. Let it sit a while and then clean gently with warm water. When your face is clean of the baking soda, splash it with cool water so the pores close.
If you want effective results, use this remedy every day and get rid of the boring pimples in few days.
As you can see, this home remedy is extra simple, easy and inexpensive. Give it a try and share your results with us.

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