Couple Goes To Adopt A Newborn Baby. But When Dad Notices THIS About Her Face, He’s FLOORED!

Maybe we are not able to see it, but God has a greater plan for all of us.
This article will tell you a story about Walt and Annie, and their unborn daughter. Their story was in the making for 20 years, and both of them knew what the name of their daughter was going to be since they were children.
When Annie and Walt got married, they decided to wait a little while to have children. They ended up travelling, doing some work with some different missions’ agencies and then at a certain point they realized when it is the right time to start pursuing having kids. They thought it was going to happen immediately. But, months turned into years, and pretty soon they were 4 years into trying and still nothing.
Walt did not forget God’s promise he was given about the daughter when he was little, but he didn’t know when it was going to happen and so it was starting to get hard to wait.
It was especially hard and made them feel devastated when everyone around them was starting to have their own family, and then they were thinking that it is not going to happen for them. There was a point when Annie realized she can live a really full, happy life, and be satisfied even without having a child. They continued praying to God, wishing to be taken away their desire to be parents. But more than ever they wanted to be parents, just like the desire was almost getting stronger.
It was then when Annie said that maybe they are supposed to adopt, but Walt was adamantly against it. Soon after that, Walt realized adoption may be the right thing God wants for them.
They have gone through so much paperwork for the adoption and knew waiting was going to be hard. Luckily, they did not wait for too long when they got an email from the adoption agency, saying it is a girl.
While waiting for the baby girl to be born, Annie and Walt have completely abandoned the name they both wanted their daughter to have since they were little children. They thought the name Chloe was a coincidence that they both liked the same name, so they talked about a different name.
The birth mother wanted to meet them before she ahs the baby. When Walt saw her, she looked like a grown-up version of the little girl from his head that was from the past. When they mentioned what the name of the baby girl is going to be, the biological mother replied that ever since she got pregnant, before she knew it was going to be a girl, she’s been calling the baby Chloe. Then both Annie and Walt started crying. All the doubts of adopting a baby were completely out of the window for Walt. He says that the very moment the birth mother said the name Chloe, he had become a father. Even before she was born, he was her dad.
The couple believes this is God’s way of saying He loves them and that he has been writing their story for years. Now they say, when you feel like everything is falling apart in your mind, just wait. God does not leave anything to chance and it is not random.

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