New Study: Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Obesity and Diabetes

Teens that during work days tend to sleep less than 8 hours are more likely to over eat and tend to pick fast food, fried food and food with more fat content than their counterparts is what a certain study by American scientists claims to be the case.

What are the main findings of the study?
The study was performed by analyzing 240 teens of age 16-19 that participated in this research on sleep.
Their dream cycle was tracked by a device on their wrist and their feeding habits were transferred verbally to a trained professional.

The conclusion of the test is that the adolescents that sleep less than 8 hours a day gained 2, 2% more calories from fats and 3% less calories from carbohydrates compared their peers that sleep more than 8 hours.
The good news is that this kind of weight gain can be neutralized. As a matter of fact the scientists confirmed that for every additional hour the chances that the snacks will be the bigger source of calories drop by 21%.
But when we take the gender in question it turns out that the results are statistically relevant only for the females while the boys showed no variation whatsoever.
Why that is the case is yet to be confirmed. One of the explanations is that teen girls tend to stress, eat more often than boys.

What happens if I don’t sleep?
Lack of sleep not only makes you prone to obesity, but it also affects your overall health and make you prone to serious medical conditions, such as, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Bad sleeping habits have serious effect on the quality of your health and need to be broken.

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