Foot and Hand Reflexology: These Points Can Get You Back to Life in a Few Minutes!

Reflexology first appeared in ancient Egypt and China. In the 1900’s the concept of reflexology became more popular in the United States. Many doctors and physiotherapists started studying the degree of nerve cells in the hands and feet.
Reflexology is a natural and safe method which can be used to improve your life. It includes massage therapies that stimulate nerves, particularly in the palm of the hand and bottom of the foot. These nerves lead to different body organs and glands.
Reflexology can ease headaches, colds and flues, stress and many other ailments with only a massage.
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First, you need to locate the nerves that require stimulating. You just need to match your ailments with the appropriate zones on the hands and feet. Then, you apply pressure or have someone else do it for you.
This way you send pressure among the numerous nerve endings and expand energy.
The circulation methods used in reflexology can aid in:

  • Lowering anxiety and stress build-up
  • Boosting relaxation and clarity
  • Stimulating efficient distribution of nutrients and oxygen through the body
  • Relaxing sore and tired muscles

What ailments can be eased with reflexology?
People try reflexology because of the overall relaxation and peaceful mind. Anyway, there are many other important ailments that reflexology can ease, including types of muscle pain – neck, shoulders, back, legs, etc.
Also, reflexology can aid reproductive problems, digestion problems, stress and anxiety, sleep disorders. Of course, there are many certified reflexologist, but you can learn the methods and easily perform them at home.
Particular ailment areas
There are many different nerve zones on the hands and feet. It is easier to find the correct areas if you have diagrams handy. The following are a few common ailments with their related nerve zones.
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If you want to relieve headaches, concentrate primarily on the nerve zones on the foot. Start with circular massages on the big toes in order to relax your neck. Next, apply more pressure on the upper part of each toe to locate nerves linking to the head. Also, you can massage the upper part of your fingers on both sides.
Sleep disorders
Locating the pituitary gland is a perfect technique for alleviating sleep disorders. You will locate the nerve connecting the endocrine system. Then, press with the side of your nail. Target the middle of your big toe on the bottom side of your foot.
To relieve stress, begin with the neck and head areas in the toes. There is another method known as the wrist twist which involves forming a circle around the wrist with the thumb and the index finger. Then, twist the opposite hand back and forth about twenty times.
Colds and the flu
Locate the areas related to your sinuses, nose, throat, and lungs. Focus on the side of your big toe, the middle of each toe, and an inch below your toes on the feet. Massage from the tip of your finger on your hands to the area above the knuckle and back up again.
The method with a golf ball or tennis ball for boosting digestion is one of the most popular methods people use. Put the ball between your hands and lock your fingers. Massage the ball around the bottom of your palm for around a minute. Also, you can gently rub the lower third of your foot on the bottom side.
Asthma and bronchitis
You need to target the nerve zones related to the lungs. Rub the width of your foot, on the top of your foot, about an inch below the toes. Massage the area below the knuckles on top of your hands and where your palm gets together with the fingers on the bottom.
Back pain
When the spine reflexes are targeted, pains in the back can be quickly eased. Focus on the side of the thumb on your hands to the bottom of the wrist. Then, massage the bottom half of your foot on the bottom and the width where the leg meets the foot on top.
Additional tips:
If you are a beginner, search online to find a certified reflexologist and see how exactly to apply pressure and how long to do it.
Someone can help you with the massages. This way you can focus more on relaxing and opening the clogged gateways.
Try reflexology a few times daily.

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