Here Is How To Fill Cavities Without Going To The Dentist!

Each tooth is made of four layers. These layers can be damaged by the acid present in our mouth. The cavity occurs when these layers are dissolved.
Some of the many symptoms of tooth decay are discolored spots on teeth, pain while eating, tooth ache and sensitivity to hot or cold food. These symptoms can be eliminated by paying a visit to your dentist and filling the cavity. However, there is another option for those people who are afraid of the drilling effect.
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There is a Japanese research that demonstrates a way of filling cavities without drilling. The research discovered a paste that is similar to the tooth enamel, the first tooth layer. This paste can fill cavities without drilling them. So, it won’t be needed to go to the dentist anymore. Also, the chances to spread the decay would be reduced. Anyway, this paste should be used at the first stages of decay.
How to use this paste?
Because this paste includes acid and hydrogen, it can cause inflammation of the gums of not used properly. If you want to use it at home, consult with your dentist first.
Is this paste available?
Only dentists can buy this paste and then distribute it to their patients. The cavity will be filled in no time and in less than 20 minutes the paste gives effect. It will be available throughout this year.
How to prevent tooth decay?
Keep good oral hygiene in order to prevent cavity. Brush your teeth every day using good toothpaste and cleaning your mouth with anti-bacterial fluids. You can switch your toothpaste with a natural coconut paste or oil, or try oil pulling. It does not mean that commercial toothpastes are the best for your teeth.
Moreover, the daily diet is also an important factor in your oral health. The food we consume determines the re-mineralization process, so consuming food with more minerals will make your teeth healthier. A natural remedy to mineralize your teeth is using eggshells.
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