How To Prepare These UNIQUE Boiled Eggs in Just 5 Minutes and AMAZE Everyone!

Do you want to serve awesome hard boiled eggs? If you want to prepare boiled eggs for a party or just for your family dinner, here is one trick that can make them really special. You need to scramble eggs inside their shell, without breaking it. The entire eggs will have perfect golden color all around.
Here is how to do it!
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  • Fresh eggs
  • Long sleeve T-shirt
  • Flashlight
  • Cord
  • Plastic bag

Take one egg and put it inside the plastic bag. Then, put it inside the sleeve of the shirt. Tie up the egg with the rope so it safely sits inside the sleeve. Wind the sleeve several times, then pull it vigorously. Repeat this process at least 15 times.
Optional step: check if the egg has been scrambled. If not, spin more. You can check that by taking the flashlight. Take it into a dark room and light it up with the flashlight. Compare the amount of light that passes through the eggs. If it is still yellow, it is not scrambled enough.
The next step is boiling the eggs. Then, cool them down before peeling. You will be amazed by the beautiful color of your hard boiled eggs.

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