This article is going to show you how you can make and use wool dryer balls. First, you need to know why you need them.
These balls will help you save money and time. Every load is completed faster and reduces the costs of your energy. Also, they soften and fluff your clothes without toxic chemicals which are present in laundry products and air fresheners. Additionally, they reduce static.
But how many wool dryer balls you need?
They function by separating clothes and makes warm air circulates in a better way. The more you have the better, since the drying time is faster, and your clothes are softer, less static, and lower energy usage.
Some people use only two balls, but there are some who use up to twelve for large loads. The number of used balls is up to you.
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You need 2-4 dryer balls with a medium size.
First, take 1-2 skeins of 100% wool yarn. The yarn should be not washable. Also, you will need a large-eyed felting needle or paint key. And at last, you need pantyhose.
Start by making a small “V” with your index and middle fingers, then wrap yarn around them 10-15 times. Now remove your fingers from the yarn.
The next step includes pinching the middle of the coiled yarn and wrapping the center 10-15 times.
Keep wrapping until you form a ball with the yarn. Stop when your dryer ball gets the size you want. Then, thread the yarn through the needle and weave it over and under the exterior threads a few times. Cut off any unused yarn.
Moreover, you can use a paint key if you don’t have a felting needle. You just need to slide the key under a few threads and then wrap the tail around the tip of the key a few times before pulling it through. Repeat that a few times until the tail is well woven. Cut off the unused yarn.
The last step is putting the dryer balls in pantyhose. Tie a knot between each one and throw them in the washing machine. Run through a hot cycle two or three times. Put them in the dryer and take them out from the pantyhose. Now your dryer balls are ready.
How to use your wool dryer balls?
Put the wool dryer balls in the dryer along with your wet clothes. And, that’s all you need to do.
This is what you need to do if you want to use them as a replacement for scented dryer sheets:
When your clothes are dry, take out two balls of the dryer and put about 3-5 drops of essential oil on each of them. Put them back in the dryer and let it run for 10-15 minutes on a “no heat” cycle. Remove, fluff and fold!

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