5 Foods You Should NEVER Peel! Here Is Why!

Most people choose peeled fruit or vegetable to avoid the taste of their skin. Almost nobody wants the peel because they are hard to chew and have unpleasant, and sometimes bland or bitter taste.
However, there are fruits and vegetables whose skin include most of the fruit’s antioxidants and thus its consumption can make you healthier. We do not advise you to eat a pineapple along with its skin, but the following foods deserve to be eaten whole:
1. Cucumber
Cucumber is a vegetable that should not be avoided. Besides its low calorie content, this vegetable’s skin is especially effective. Silica, the main component in cucumber helps the forming of collagen in the skin. Also, the skin does not have bad taste, so next time when making a salad, don’t peel the cucumber.
2. Apple
A study at the Cornell University has shown that phytochemicals that fight cancer are by 87% more present in the apple’s skin than in the apple pulp. Apple’s skin doesn’t have bad taste and is chewable.
Help your body combat diseases and eat the apple whole.
3. Orange
The skin of oranges is rich in D-lemonene, which is the enemy of UV rays. According to University in Arizona researchers, the consumption of one teaspoon of grated orange peel per week can reduce the risk of skin cancer by 30%.
Also, you can add the orange peel in a salad. That way it will get a nice aroma and you’ll eat the whole peel without any problems.
4. Eggplant
On average, an eggplant peel contains 300 mg of nasunin, 200 mg of potassium and 13 mg of magnesium. Nasunin is an antioxidant that protects the brain cells.
5. Kiwi
Kiwi peel helps fight bacteria, such as staphylococcus and Escherichia coli. Its taste is not that nice, so you can cut it into small pieces or add it into a salad.

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