9 Eye Symptoms You Should NEVER Ignore

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How can you know when something is wrong with your eyes and it requires a visit to the doctor?
The following list will show you the signs and symptoms that indicate a serious eye condition that can threat your vision. However, this should never substitute a medical advice.
Eye Symptoms You Should NEVER Ignore
1. Eye redness
You all have noticed redness in your eye occasionally. It may happen due to allergies, or some serious causes like corneal scratch, keratitis, or even pink eye.
Pink eye can be contagious, but early diagnosis and treatment can help in limiting the spread.
If having redness in the eye only for one day, it is not a reason for alertness. But if it happens frequently, or it is accompanied by pain, swelling, soreness or itching, the best advice is to see a doctor immediately.
2. Watery Eyes
If the problem with watery eyes continues, or it comes together with other symptoms, you should get checked out by a doctor.
In cold or windy environments, or when a foreign body gets into the eye, teary eyes are natural. But, excessive and constant watering is not normal and it can happen because of many reasons, like:
– Eyelash or eyelid problems
– tear duct drainage problems
– Pink eye
– Scratches of the cornea
– Corneal ulcer
If this condition continues, see your doctor.
3. Eye Floaters
Eye floaters are very common among people. It is those little lines that float across your vision field occasionally.
However, there are some dangerous eye conditions that can trigger an excess of floaters and they should not be ignored.
If eye floaters happen more frequently, and you also see flashes of light, lose your peripheral vision, or feel eye pain, you must pay a visit at your doctor’s. These symptoms may be a sign of more severe conditions. These potential serious conditions include tear in the retina, a retinal detachment, or an eye hemorrhage caused by infection or injury.
4. Foreign Object
Foreign object in the eye is never good. In this case, do not rub your eye or try to remove something that is embedded. Instead, try flushing out the eye with warm, clean water.
If you can’t remove the object, if it is embedded in the eye and you are experiencing abnormal vision, pain or redness, get medical help immediately.
5. Stye
Staphylococcal bacteria causes styes. They are common, but some stye situations need medical treatment.
If a swelling does not drop within a few weeks and it obstructs your vision, you have pain in the eye or styes occur more often, see a doctor.
When the stye is very large or does not go away, surgery may be needed.
6. Dry eyes
This condition can be treated with a few drops. Unfortunately, this symptom can be the possibility of dry eye syndrome.
If having this syndrome, your eyes do not produce enough tears or you cannot maintain a normal layer of tears to cover the eyes. In this case, eyes cannot remove dust and other irritants, leading to stinging, pain, redness in the eyes.
This syndrome can be treated with prescription, drops, medications, or surgery.
7. Discharge
Eye discharge is healthy, but if you notice change in the quality, color or consistency, it can be a problem. It may be showing that you have an eye infection or disease.
A symptom of pink eye is thick yellow or green eye discharge.
8. Cataracts
Cataract can be very serious because it can lead to losing vision. It looks like a cloud over the pupil and restricts the entry of light into the eye.
This condition affects millions of people. Seek medical attention if you notice such a problem.
9. Bleeding
If having blood under the eye surface, it is normal only in one of the two eyes. In this case, treatment is not needed. But, when it happens after an injury to your skull, contact a doctor as soon as possible. The bleeding may be from the brain.
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