The traditional Chinese medicine believes that Mien Shiang can tell us more about our health that we know. Mien Shiang is face mapping which means face reading.
The skin is the biggest organ in the body and it can show some symptoms, indicating that something in our body is not functioning as it should be. Our face can be an evidence for all imbalances in the body, which we are not aware of.
Every part of our face represents some body organs, according to the Chinese traditional medicine. When some problems appear on some part of our face, such as on the shin, it shows that we may experience some health problems that should be checked and solved.
The problems that can appear on our face are acne, rashes, sensitive skin, inflammation, redness, pronounced wrinkles and pigmentation.
Forehead: bladder, heart, and small intestine
Consuming too much fatty and processed food can cause slow and overburdened digestive system. Great alcohol consumption, excessive sugar and late night sleep can also disturb the digestion and lead to skin problems. Moreover, stress, dirty hats, too much cosmetic products and worrying can cause this problem.
The cure is consuming more raw food, drinking a lot of water, no alcohol, and enough sleep and rest.
Between and near the eyebrows: Liver
This can be a sign that your digestive system works too much and doesn’t have enough rest. Also, you can be allergic to some foods, such as corn or meat.
Consume more raw and fresh food. Also, get some fresh air, practice yoga, walking and meditation.
Below the eyes: Kidneys
These symptoms can be caused by excessive smoking, alcohol consumption, bad lymph circulation and possibly weakened heart.
Drink lots of clean water, avoid caffeine, sweetened drinks and alcohol. Your body needs to be hydrated all the time.
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