Entire Family Dies After Young Woman Makes a Simple Mistake in the Kitchen

We all like and eat potatoes, which can be used in many delicious dishes. However, potatoes can be unhealthy and sometimes deadly. So, if you have potatoes at home that have been sitting out for a longer period, you better throw them out. This is the reason why:
Maria Chelysheva from Russia became an orphan in 2014 due to a batch of old potatoes that her family had left rotting in the cellar. Her father never came back when he went into the basement to get some potatoes. Then, her mother went into the basement to find him, but she never came back too. The same thing occurred to Maria’s grandmother and brother.
Potatoes have glycoalkaloids, a chemical compound that is also present in poisonous nightshade plants. This compound makes potatoes naturally toxic under the right circumstances, not only when humans eat them, but also when breathing their chemicals.
Glycoalkaloids concentration in potatoes increases when they become more rotten, which causes them to release a dangerous, toxic gas. Maria’s family was killed when they exposed themselves to this deadly compound. The girls almost died too when she went down to look for her family. Fortunately, the gas had dissipated a little because her mother has left the door open.
This story is heartbreaking, but it should serve as a warning to others about the danger rotten potatoes pose. If you keep potatoes at home and they are at risk of going bad, throw them away before it is too late.
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