Japanese women are the longest living on Earth and also it seems that they never gain weight. What is their secret?
The writer Naomi Motiyama reveals the secret in her book “Japanese women don’t get old or fat”. She writes about her mother’s kitchen and gives answers for long and healthy life. The food that is part of the daily Japanese cuisine helps in weight loss. The top food that is consumed every day is fish, seaweed, fruits, soy, rice, vegetables, and green tea.
All of these foods include anti-aging properties and aid in losing weight in healthy way, controlling healthy weight.
Every day, Japanese women cook meals that include grilled fish, bowl of rice, cooked vegetables, soup, green tea and fruits. People in Japan eat around 10% of all fish in the world, while they make up 2% of the world population.
The writer states in her book that since childhood parents tell their children to eat slowly and to appreciate every bite. They never should completely fill the bowl or serve huge portions and that each food should be served separately.
Moriyama also writes that their traditional cuisine is easy, the food is prepared slowly and usually, the food is cook, briefly grilled, or steamed. Moreover, they replace bread with rice and eat it during every meal. This is one of the greatest differences between how people eat in the East and the West.
In Japan, the breakfast is considered the most important and it includes many foods and drinks, such as green tea, steamed rice, soup, tofu, young garlic, seaweed, omelet, or a piece of fish.
They rarely eat desserts, but when on the menu, there are served in small portions. Japanese women love desserts, but they know they have negative effects on the body and their health.
Finally, the writer says that exercise is part of the daily routine in Japan. Japanese lead a healthy lifestyle by establishing an entire culture of biking, walking and hiking.
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