Powerful Syrup for Melting Kidney Stones. Natural, Painless and Safe!

Kidney stones are small, hard mineral deposits that are created in the kidneys. They are made of mineral and acid salts.
They can affect any urinary tract part – kidneys or bladder. Usually, they create when the urine is concentrated and lets minerals to crystallize and stick together.
This can be a really serious health situation, particularly if the stone gets trapped in the urinary tract. Men struggle with this health condition more frequently because they have longer urinary channel. When the stone is placed in the bladder, first it must go through the urinary tract.
You may have stones in your kidneys for a long time, but not know it because they may not trigger any side effects. If they change their position, they can cause back and hips pain, including bloody, cloudy urine.
In this case, you need to drink lots of water in order to flush out the stone through the urine. Moreover, you need a few analgesics to ease the pain.
Still, there are other more difficult cases when the stone needs to be removed with a surgery.
Powerful Syrup for Melting Kidney Stones. Natural, Painless and Safe!Powerful Syrup for Melting Kidney Stones. Natural, Painless and Safe!We will offer you the better and safer option, where the stone can break into small pieces and eventually be removed out of the body.
Needed ingredients:
250 grams of cold pressed olive oil
250 grams of lemon
250 grams of parsley root
250 grams of organic honey
1 cup of maple syrup
How to prepare it:
After you clean and cut the lemon, blend it well. The mixture includes the rind, so do not throw it.
The parsley root comes next. After you clean it, add it into the blender, including the maple syrup and olive oil. Mix well till the combination gets homogeneous.
Place the resulted home remedy in a jar and keep it in the refrigerator.
Consume one tablespoon of the remedy on an empty stomach every morning. Also, as we mentioned above, you need to drink lots of water and fresh juices all day.
Thanks to the lemon, the stones have the ability to liquefy. Moreover, parsley serves as a natural diuretic and increases the urine creation, while the olive oil adds a lubricating effect. Honey eases the impact and holds anti-toxic characteristics, whereas the maple syrup gives better taste.

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