After Reading This, You Will Surely Start Putting Cabbage Leaves on Your Chest and Legs!

Cabbage leaves function like a magnet for many diseases in the body. Moreover, the cabbage is very helpful for treating specific conditions such as thyroid gland problems, headaches and other.
Everything we need is also present in nature and these natural remedies are very good, and sometimes even better than the formulated ones. Also, these natural remedies don’t have any bad side effects.
Cabbage is one of these effective natural remedies. Besides consuming it, the cabbage is good for other uses. This is what cabbage leaves can be used for:

Breastfeeding pain

If you are breastfeeding and you experience strong pain, put cabbage leaves in the area to ease the pain. You can do this day and night.
Rinse the leaves with cold water and then cut the stem from the center of each leaf.
Fit the leaves to your breasts and don’t cover your nipples. Place them inside your bra. Leave them there for 20 minutes or until the leaves becomes warm. You can repeat the method if you want.

Issues with the thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is vital for hormonal growth, metabolism, and the functioning of the organs in the digestive system.
Put cabbage leaves on the throat where the gland is located to bring back the normal function of the thyroid gland. Next, cover the leaves with a bandage and sleep with it in the night. Remove it in the morning.


If you are dealing with swelling in your arms or legs, wrap the area with fresh cabbage leaves. Cover it with a bandage at the end. Sleep with the compress to achieve best results.


Place fresh cabbage leaves in your temples and the upper part of the head. Next, wear some kind of a hat, cap, or anything that will keep the leaves in place.
Don’t forget to consult a doctor about your health conditions.
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