Shocking Link between Root Canals and Breast Cancer! Scientists Agree with This!

Do you have root canals?
There is evidence that shows a strong correlation between root canals, which fill our mouth with toxic chemicals and can increase the disease risk, including breast cancer.
Shocking Link between Root Canals and Cancer! Scientists Agree with This!
Science confirms the root canal – cancer connection
Root canal filled teeth and cavitation sites are the most common cause of all cancers. Until the patients who suffer from cancer remove the canal filled teeth and cavitation, they don’t feel better. And science agrees with this fact.
A 5 year study included 300 women with breast cancer, and 93% of them had root canals. Interestingly, most of them had cancer tumors on the same side of the body as the root canal or other oral pathology.
Moreover, the root canal procedure can be the cause from the beginning. A study from 1998 showed that root canal sites of 26 patients contained anaerobic bacteria. From the moment you get a root canal, bacteria starts to flow into the entire bloodstream.
How the teeth are directly linked to the body health
Our teeth are living organisms and are linked to the rest of our body through the “acupuncture meridian system”. When a tooth is diseased and it cannot be saved with a non-toxic filling or a crown, the tooth should be removed.
Keeping a dying, infected tooth is like trying to save an infected appendix or gall bladder by filling it with bleach and other toxic chemicals, hoping our body won’t reject it.
It is silly, and dangerous because our body does not want to keep anything “dead”.
When a root canal is saving a dead tooth, the thousands of tubules in the tooth become containers for deadly bacteria.
The constant existence of bacteria in the root canal area can present a severe destruction of our immune system.
Infected teeth threaten your whole body with poor heatlh
The 4th and 5th tooth – to the left and right of the center teeth – in the upper and lower jaw are connected to the breast meridian. Constant infection in these teeth can trigger complications, energy imbalances and blockages in energy flow in the breast meridian.
If you have had a root canal, think about removing the tooth and cleaning and repairing the tissue around it by a holistic or biological dentist. Biological dentists understand the correlation between root canal and body disease.
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