Simple Way to Clean Your Arteries in 7 Days

Oxygen and nutrients get to the heart and other organs thanks to the arteries in the human body. For that reason, it is highly essential these vessels not to get clogged.
In this article, you will find a recipe that can help you clean out your arteries and keep your body healthy.
Serious problems in cardiovascular system can be caused by greasy foods, processed products, chemicals and toxins.
The next three ingredients I am going to write about can completely purify clogged arteries and remove fat from the blood. Mixing these ingredients will make you a delicious and healthy drink.
Simple Way to Clean Your Arteries in 7 DaysThis drink can lower body fat, clean the liver and protect the body from bacteria and viruses.
Also, it can eliminate free radicals and infections that influence badly on the blood flow, and thus it is strengthening the immune system completely.
This is the recipe for this amazing beverage.
Needed ingredients:
– 8 lemons
– 4 liters of clean water
– 8 cloves of garlic
– One piece of ginger, sized from 4 to 5 cm
How to prepare it:
Wash the lemons well and slice them.
Peel the ginger and garlic and put the two ingredients in a blender. Mix until the ingredients become smooth, and then transfer the mixture in a pot.
In the end, add water to the combination and let it cook. Once the mixture starts to boil you need to remove it from the fire. Strain the mixture after it cools off. Transfer the resulting drink into a glass bottle.
How to use it?
This healthy drink has to be consumed every day, two hours before a meal on an empty stomach. While drinking the beverage, it is good to be physically active, at least three times a week.
As I have already mentioned, this drink will help you to clean the arteries, but it also will improve your overall health.

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