What Happens When You Eat 3 Whole Eggs Every Day? You’ll be Surprised What It Does to Your Body!

If you need to improve your protein level, eggs are the best choice. Not only they are simplest and easiest to prepare, eggs are cheap as well. One boiled egg has only 85 calories and seven grams of protein. Also, they have many other benefits as well, such as:
Better Immune System
Start consuming regular eggs if you want to keep bacteria and viruses away in a natural and healthy way. Take a large egg because it contains nearly a quarter of the daily need of selenium. It is a nutrient that improves the immunity and controls thyroid hormones.
Better Cholesterol
Eggs include cholesterol, but it does not have an effect on increasing the “bad” cholesterol, but on the good one.
Lower Heart Disease Risk
Bad cholesterol causes clogged arteries. Anyway, LDL cholesterol contains LDL particles, which can large or small. The small particles lead to congestion of the articles, while the large ones are good. By increasing the influence of the larger particles, the risk of heart disease is reduced.
Increased Energy Levels
Vitamin B2 is also known as riboflavin. It is important because of helping the body to convert the food into fuel. For this you need more energy. Only one egg includes 15 percent of the daily needed vitamin B2.
Healthier Hair and Skin
Besides vitamin B2, eggs are rich in vitamins B5 and B12. These B complex vitamins are important if you want healthy skin, hair, and nails.
Brain Protection
Eggs are good for the brain. Choline in eggs is primarily responsible for this property. It is a needed ingredient for the proper functioning of neurotransmitters. Chlorine deficiency can cause neurological problems if people don’t get enough of it every day.
Get Important Amino Acids
The body can produce up to 11 amino acids which are important for proper function of the body. However, we need nine other amino acids, which can be found in eggs.
Reduced Stress and Anxiety
Not consuming these nine amino acids can affect your brain. Also, according to a study from 2004, the ingredients in eggs may increase serotonin, which means the levels of stress and anxiety can be reduced.
Protect Your Eyes
Lutein and zeksantin are two amino acids present in eggs which have a great positive effect on the eyes. These acids are present only in egg yolks, so a regular consumption can lower the risk of developing eye diseases.
Better Bones and Teeth Condition
For having healthy bones and teeth, vitamin D is very important. This vitamin can be found in eggs, among other natural sources. Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption. Also, calcium is not only good for the bones, but for the heart as well.
You will Eat Less
For some, this is one of the best characteristic of eggs. They are the best source of protein, so you will easily feel satiated. Another positive thing is that eggs do not have a lot of calories and are rich in healthy compounds. Even the egg shell is very helpful. Now you know what makes them super ingredient.
You will Lose Some Weight
Your extra pounds will be much easier to eliminate. This is proved with a study where people from one group had to eat eggs for breakfast, while the other group ate pastries. People from the group who consumed eggs lost over 60 percent more weight.
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