Wi-Fi: The Invisible Danger That’s Slowly Destroying Our Health

We live in a modern world with modern technology. Wi-Fi signals are in our homes, restaurants, actually all around us. It became very popular because it is a good way to connect many mobile phones and computers without the use of cables.
Mobile phone companies have to follow rules and instructions to make the devices safe for people, but we cannot be sure of it. That is why Wi-Fi is considered to be a silent killer that kills people at a slow pace.
The router releases electromagnetic waves (WLAN signals) that appear to be very harmful. Not many people react to this fact because they do not know the side effects it brings. A new study at the British Health Agency has shown that routers are bad for the growth of plants and people.
This is what Wi-Fi exposure brings:

  • Continuous strong headaches
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Sleeping problems
  • Ear pain
  • Difficulties to stay concentrated

Unfortunately, we cannot live without the modern technology. Thus, there are a few tricks and tips on how to protect your family from the dangerous signals. You can use the router safely and decrease the possible damage that comes from it.
Follow these tips to protect your family from electromagnetic waves:

  • If you are not using your Wi-Fi, turn it off;
  • Disconnect all Wi-Fi programs before going to bed;
  • Do not place your router in the kitchen and bedroom;
  • Use cable phones instead wireless phones.

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