Your Body Shape Reveals How Healthy You Are

Many body characteristics can serve as important factors for carious diseases. These body characteristics are the size of the waist, the length of the legs and the amplitude of the arms.
Bra Size
A study published in the Canadian Journal of Medicinal Association wrote that women with D bra size in the age of 20 are more likely to suffer from diabetes type 2 than those with smaller bra size. This statement was explained by saying that the fat tissue in breasts is sensitive to hormones, which affects insulin resistance. Diabetes can be treated with healthy diets, regular workouts and balanced weight.
Leg Length
People with shorter legs may suffer from problems with their liver. This is what many British experts wrote. Also, they found that women whose legs are 50-73 cm long, have higher counts of liver enzymes, which can trigger liver disorder. This can be prevented by avoiding alcohol and other toxins.
Finger Length
It is believed and thought that women with a shorter index finger than their ring finger are at a double risk of developing osteoarthritis when they get older. As to men, the size of these fingers is not different. However, to women this shows reduced estrogen levels, which reduces the risk of bone diseases. This condition can be reduced with regular exercises and by regulating the calcium intake.
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