You Must Try This at Least Once in Your Life! Here is Why!

Cinnamon and Honey

Many pharmaceutical companies in the world don’t want to admit that a two ingredients recipe that is too easy to prepare can treat many different health conditions and diseases.
Among other conditions, this tasty combination of honey and cinnamon can prevent heart attacks and cure arthritis. Maybe you haven’t heard about it, but this treatment is popular in Traditional Chinese medicine, Ancient Greek medicine and Ayurveda.
This combination is successful in treating many conditions and diseases, but try using Ceylon cinnamon because it has extreme low amounts of Coumarin, which is linked to liver and kidney damage when consumed in high doses.
How does it work?
Many studies support this remedy and consider it a great anti-bacterial mixture. Honey includes anti-bacterial powers, and cinnamon on the other side has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory powers. When their powerful properties are mixed together, they make a great remedy for external infections.
Cinnamon and Honey
What you need:
– 1 teaspoon of honey
– Half a teaspoon of cinnamon
– Cup of hot water
Mix the two ingredients and consume the mixture every morning on an empty stomach and in the evenings.
This will help you reduce cholesterol, strengthen the hearth’s health and prevent heart attack. Also, this combination can destroy bacteria in the bladder.
Moreover, a study at the Copenhagen University showed that this honey-cinnamon combination can treat arthritis. 73 out of 200 examiners did not have the arthritis symptoms anymore, only after a week of taking the mixture. After one month, almost all examiners could walk.
A New Zealand research has found that Manuka honey is extremely effective in combating against itchy gums, dental plaque and bleeding. This honey-cinnamon paste is a great cure for bleeding gums and tooth decay.
This mixture has helped many women in losing extra pounds. It burns the fat faster and eliminates food carvings, regulating the eating habits.
This natural remedy can alleviate toothache and indigestion, reduce bad breath and boost immunity. Also, it is used for conditions like leg cramps, general weakness, diabetes, memory loss, herpes, ulcers etc.
This mixture can either be consumed for internal health benefits or directly applied on affected body parts.