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22 Reasons To Drink Hot Water With Lemon In The Morning

If you haven’t heard, hot water with lemon is an excellent prevention of cancer because lemons are alkaline. So far, many studies have shown that cancer cells cannot thrive in alkaline environment.
Weak immune system makes you more susceptible to diseases and infections. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of hot water with lemon destroy dangerous bacteria, fungi, and viruses, which helps in preventing infections. Moreover, lemon’s antioxidants remove toxins from the body.
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Take a glass and fill it with warm water. Then, cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice from the lemons into the glass of water. Drink it every morning.
Why is lemon water beneficial?
1. Can help you with weight loss. Pectin fiber in lemon helps to prevent hunger. People who consume more alkaline foods are able to lose weight very quickly.
2. Calcium, potassium, citric acid, phosphorus, etc. are present in lemon.
3. Consuming hot water with lemon prevents the formation and propagation of pathogenic microorganisms that trigger infection and disease.
4. Hot lemon water aids the proper functioning of the nervous system. This happens because of the potassium in lemon. Low levels of potassium often lead to depression and anxiety. The nervous system needs a certain potassium amount so it can function properly.
5. Lower your high blood pressure with warm lemon water. Consume one lemon on a daily basis to reduce high blood pressure by up to 10%.
6. Lemon water alkalizes the body. When the pH levels in the body are increased, the body is able to better combat ailments.
7. It is good for your skin because vitamin C boosts and rejuvenates the skin and the body. Its consumption will definitely improve your skin health.
8. The lemon water dilutes uric acid that accumulates in the joints and causes pain and gout.
9. It is good for pregnant women because Vitamin C aids the body fight many viruses. Also, it helps the body build bone mass in the fetus. Moreover, the high potassium level creates a healthy brain and nerve cells in the baby.
10. Lemon water is an excellent remedy for heartburn. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of water and drink it.
11. Lemon water can dissolve stones in the gall bladder, kidney, pancreas and deposited calcium.
12. Lemon with water offers the body the needed electrolytes to hydrate the body. Lemon is rich in electrolytes, such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.
13. Lemon water is good for the joints because it eases muscles and joints pain.
14. Your immune system will be improved because of the vitamin C high content.
15. Keep optimum pH levels in your body with hot lemon water.
16. Lemon has powerful antibacterial properties because of the pectin which is good for the colon.
17. Eliminate toxins from the body by drinking a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach.
18. Boost the digestive process with lemon water, thanks to the citric acid. The interaction with other enzymes and acids stimulates gastric acid secretion and boosts digestion.
19. Lemon water stimulates the production of enzymes of the liver more than any other food.
20. Cleanse your liver with lemon water. Lemon juice stimulates the elimination of toxins through the liver.
21. Fight infections of the respiratory system, dry throats and tonsillitis with the anti-inflammatory properties of lemon.
22. Helps with toothache and gingivitis.

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