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7 Things That Will Happen When You Start Doing Planks Every Day

Planks are excellent exercises for the whole body. If you have problems doing them correctly, don’t give up because you need to train regularly and strengthen the core muscles. Planks build the core and support the spine, which leads to a proper body posture.
The following are the 7 most important advantages of this exercise:
1. Better Body Posture
Do planks regularly and you will have a stable and straight body posture. The abdominal muscles are vital for the position of the neck, back, and shoulders.
2. Improved Core Definition and Performance
The most important core muscles are engaged with the plank. Their strengthening will offer many benefits, such as:

  • Oblique muscles – enhanced capacity for side-bending and waist-twisting
  • Glutes – strong and toned buttocks
  • Transverse Abdominis – greater capacity to lift heavy weights
  • Rectus Adbominus -improved jumping and six pack abs

3. Improved Metabolism
If you regularly do planks, you will improve your metabolism and burn much energy, which will maintain the metabolic rate high throughout the day.
4. High Flexibility
When you do planks, you stretch and expand the shoulder blades, the collarbone, and the shoulders, including the arches, toes, and hamstrings. Side planks also engage the oblique muscles, while stretching the toes. It will help you support the body weight more easily.
5. Better Overall Balance
Side planks improve the balance of the body, including the general capacity in all exercise types.
6. Reduced Risk of Back and Spine Injury
Planks strengthen the muscles and don’t apply great pressure on the hips and spine. It will help you relieve pain and you will be supporting your entire back the whole time.
7. Mental Benefits
Planks are good for your mental health as well. They influence your mood and nerves while toning and stretching your muscles which lead to tension and stress. Planks relax the brain and they are especially helpful with depression and anxiety.
The best advice is to spend 5-10 minutes every day doing these exercises. You will soon notice wonderful health benefits.
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