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Remove Toxins from the Colon by Applying Pressure on This Point of the Belly

If you have problems with bowel movements, you should know that there is a simple point which you can press in order to complete the movement successfully.
This point is found on the body and it is known as the “sea of energy”. You just need to measure three finger widths under the belly button.
Press this point with your three fingers and breathe deeply while doing it. Don’t stop pressing until you feel ready to go to the toilet. It can last 10 seconds at the minimum and 3 minutes at the maximum.

Why does this work?

An acupressure therapist, Dr. Michael Reed Gach says that this button revives the body’s healing process. An important part of the healing process is eliminating waste.
Moreover, another research showed that abdominal massaging, just like pressing the poop button makes the bowels start to move and clear the bowels. Dr. Gach adds that this button relieves rectal pains, digestive problems, menstrual cramps and gas.
Additional tips for bowel movements:


Most toilets all over the world require a sitting position, which is wrong for the body. For optimal bowel movement, the body needs to be in a squat position.


Pushing very hard when sitting on the toilet is wrong. It stresses the body and can cause bowel bursting or fatal heart arrhythmia in some cases. Also, it can lead to more problems, so the best advice is to be patient.

Stay active

Adults need to do 75 minutes of aerobic activity at the minimum every week. Exercises stimulate the contraction of the intestinal muscles. It is important for effective waste elimination.

Consume fiber

If you suffer from constant constipation, you need to eat plenty of fiber. So, you hate to consume beans, berries, flax seeds, and prunes. Fiber makes the stool retain water and thus it will be much softer.

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