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Are You Wearing a Bra While Sleeping? Read This!

Is it good for women to wear a bra while sleeping?
Some of them believe it is wrong to do so because of the “tight” feeling and the fear from clogging the lymphatic glands that lead to breast cancer. On the other hand, some women, like Marilyn Monroe did, believe that wearing a bra while sleeping prevents their breast from becoming loose. Many women say that wearing a bra makes breast perkier, and there are those women who say bra irritates skin.
Wearing a Bra While Sleeping
According to scientists, both of these theories are myths.
The lymph nodes function in the underarms is to act as natural filters that drain the lymph fluid out of breasts, and the body’s first defense against cancer cells, foreign material and infections. However, scientists have not proved that wearing a bra blocks the pathway of the lymph nodes.
What causes breast sagging?
Breastfeeding and pregnancy cause breast sagging, and age and genetics determine the extent of sagging. If your breast size is above C, choose a soft-cup style, without much fasteners or hardware, which will give some support from sagging. For the other sizes, bra is not preventing sagging by any means.
Wearing a bra while sleeping can offer comfort, but it does not protect breasts against drooping. Anyway, bra is not a time machine and it cannot prevent the process of sagging.
However, there is one positive effect from nightly bra-wearing. It may help with stretch marks.
Bigger breasts can drag and want to go sideways when lying down, pulling the skin, triggering stretch marks. Wearing a bra to sleep may slow the aging process down very slightly in this case.
To sum up!
So this is the conclusion: wearing a bra or not wearing it while sleeping is really just a matter of the personal comfort of women. Wearing a bra can be painful if you suffer from rashes below your breast. But if you have tender breasts, you need the support bra.
In that case, avoid an ill fitting and choose a soft cupped, all cotton and without a wire bra, that will help keep moisture away from the skin.

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