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Beware: 7 Most Toxic Dangers Hiding in Your Home That Can Cause Cancer and How to Protect Your Family

In order to provide a safe and healthy living environment for your family you need a healthy home which is toxin free. If you want your home to be healthy and toxin free, here is the list of some things you should eliminate:

1. Non Stick Cookware
Non stick pans appeared 40 years ago. Although they are really appealing, non stick pans are very unhealthy. The non stick coating is made of polytetrafluoroethylene which frees toxins linked to cancer, reproductive damage, organ failure and other health risks.

Healthier Options: It is better to cook with stainless steel pans, cast iron or anodized aluminum.

2. Conventional Cleaning Supplies
All cleaners often contain toxic chemicals like ammonia, a very strong irritant that can cause liver and kidney damage, or bleach which can burn skin and eyes or irritate lungs. Oven cleaners and drain cleaners can trigger chemical burns and release toxic fumes that damage lungs.

Healthier Options: Try Seventh Generation, the non toxic cleaning products, or home-made cleaning products with baking soda and vinegar.

3. Air Fresheners
Many negative effects are connected with these air fresheners. These toxic products worsen and cause respiratory problems, reproductive problems, birth defects, and today are linked to breast cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Healthier Options: Open windows, air cleaners, search for the origin of the odor and remove it.

4. Antibacterial ProductsSince we all started to use these antibacterial products, there are some new “super-bugs” that are opposed to antibiotics. These products may have a negative influence on your children.

Healthier Options: Wash your hands more often in plain soap and water.

5. Plastic Bottles
A chemical known as BPA is included in the production of most plastic bottles. While exposed to heat, these bottles leach BPA faster into your water.

Healthier Options: Consider stainless steel or glass bottles.

6. Perfumes and Scented Soaps
Same as in scented detergents, 95% of the chemicals in fragrances are made from petroleum products. Many of these chemicals cause cancer, birth defects, lungs, brain and nerves damage.

Healthier Options: There are many pure and natural soaps which you can choose. Companies like Sappo Hills, Baltimore Soaps, Karen’s Naturals, and Rose of Sharon Acres have amazing soap assortment.

7. CFL Light Bulbs
It is true that they use less electricity, but you should avoid these because they contain mercury. If you do use these bulbs, they should be taken to a “special facility” or hazardous waste collection site.

Healthier Options: Consider sticking with the “old fashion” light bulb or LEDs till something better comes along.

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