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Doctors Say: These Are the 9 Types of Referred Pain You Should NOT IGNORE and Knowing Them Can SAVE YOUR LIFE

You should not ignore some aches and pains you feel.
Recognizing the cause of referred pain is highly important in order to spot many life-threatening illnesses. They may not be a cause for panic, but it is really important to be well-informed about what could be happening inside your body.
Doctors Say These Are the 9 Types of Referred Pain You Should NOT IGNORE and Knowing Them Can SAVE YOUR LIFE
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If you are having problems with your heart, you may experience chest pain. However, you may also experience pain down the left arm or in the upper-middle part of the back.
Any pain connected with the heart may be a sigh of potentially life-threatening problems that need medical attention immediately.
2. Lungs and Diaphragm
Problems with the lungs or diaphragm could be the cause of pain in one side of the neck or upper shoulder area. This may happen due to breathing problems or the phrenic nerve that runs from the spine, through the lungs, to the diaphragm.
Lung and diaphragm problems can trigger “neck muscles to wreak havoc on your upper body.” Most people are suffering from these and many other consequences of inefficient respiration.”
3. Liver and Gallbladder
Problems with the liver or gallbladder can also cause pain in the neck or upper shoulder areas, including the right side of the body, just below the nipple.
This pain is similar to that of the diaphragm because both the liver and gallbladder bump up against the diaphragm.
You know the difference between a stiff neck and a serious pain. So, if you think that your neck or shoulder pain is referred, you should see a doctor.
4. Stomach and Pancreas
Referred pain in these areas on the front and back of the body may be a sign of a problem with the stomach or pancreas.
Nearly 50% of patients with acute pancreatitis have pain in the back.
Paying attention to this referred pain is really important because it is very difficult to know when you are having organ problems.
5. Small Intestine
If you are having pain in the abdominal area near the belly button, you may be experiencing problems with your small intestine. This pain can be a sign that your body is experiencing small intestine pain.
6. Colon and Appendix
Appendicitis and colon problems often are shown with referred pain in these specific areas of the abdomen.
Appendicitis is a life-threatening emergency, so it is highly important to seek medical attention for pain in this area.
7. Kidney
If you are experiencing problems with the kidney, you may have pain covering a wide area, including the lower back, abdomen, pelvis, and upper portions of the legs.
Kidney pain can be the cause of the pain you feel in the lower back area in the flanks just below the ribs.
You need to see a doctor if you are feeling severe pain or discomfort in these areas.
8. Bladder
Bladder problems will often display themselves in pain of the lower pelvis, on the front or back side.
The bladder is located in the low back, so an infection in this organ may cause referred pain to the lumbar area.
Many serious problems can be connected with the bladder. This pain, particularly when associated with any other urinary issues, should be a sign that you need to make a medical examination.
9. Ovary
Ovaries troubles can trigger pain on either side of the abdomen.
Ovarian cysts can cause sharp, stabbing pain, which usually happens on one side of the abdomen.
Ovarian cancer is a life-threatening illness. If you are experiencing abdominal pain, you should be checked out by a doctor.
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