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Which Egg do You Think Came from a Healthy Chicken? I Had no Idea!

What color of the egg you think shows it is the healthiest?

The egg color can vary from light yellow to orange. You are wrong if you believe the lighter the yolk, the better and healthier the egg. Eggs with orange yolks are tastier and healthier. You need to know what type of eggs you are buying, whether they are from a farm or conventional ones. Farm eggs are always fresher because the chickens live in much better conditions. The color of the egg yolk depends on the diet of the hen. If hens eat more yellow-orange carotenoids or natural pigments, it has an effect on the color of the yolk.
Buying “free-range” eggs does not mean you get the healthiest eggs possible. Eggs are healthy and nutritious when hens move freely outside, get plenty of sunshine, bugs, and green grass. Labeling eggs “free-range” does not mean hens get all of this.
Free-range might mean that hens move outside as little as a few minutes a day.
The best choice is to buy eggs from a local farmer. Chickens on a local farm live outside all the time, eat bugs and grass, and get plenty of sunlight.

What color is the yolk of a healthy egg?

If you crush and compare eggs taken from a farmer and store-bought eggs, you will see the difference: egg yolks from the famer have a rich orange color, while the eggs from a store and those labeled as “free range” have a pale yolk.
Moreover, darker and more colorful yolks have more proteins and fats than lighter yolks. Also, there are studies that have shown that eggs from a farm can have more omega-3s and vitamins, but less cholesterol.

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