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Expert Advice: Cotton Swabs Are Not The Right Ear Cleaners! This Is the Healthiest and Safest Way to Clean Them

We all clean our ears with cotton swab. However, medical experts say we should avoid using cotton swabs because they can trigger problems for our ears, such as punctured eardrums and impacted earwax.
Nothing should be inserted to our ear because nobody wants a damaged ear canal and lost sense of hearing. Maybe you think that DIY ear cleaning is the best way to clean your ear, but it can be dangerous.
Cotton Swabs
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Earwax in known as cerumen, and it is produced by the cells in the ear canal. The earwax can be accumulated very fast and if you don’t do something about it, your healing ability can be lowered. For some people, the accumulated earwax can cause pain. This is the point when people reach to cotton swabs in order to remove the wax build up and avoid consulting a doctor. However, cotton swabs replace seeking medical help, but they can make more harm than good.
Eardrum protection
It is highly important to protect your eardrum because it is a very delicate area. Using a cotton swab can easily reach the eardrum, and even the tenderest pressure can hurt and puncture it. This condition leads to severe pain and leaking clear fluid.
If you experience this condition, don’t worry because the eardrum will heal in time. The curing period lasts several days to weeks, and during it you can lose your hearing ability.

How to clean your ears properly

Now that you know that cotton swabs should be avoided, probably you wonder what the best way to clean your ears is.
Your ears should be clean, especially the outer part which you can see. You can keep it clean and healthy with a washcloth, water and soap. The ear canal should not be cleaned in most cases.
Water always enters the ear canal while taking a shower, which helps in loosening the earwax. Also, the ear canal’s skin grows outwardly in a spiral pattern. So, when the skin grows, the wax in your ears can fall out while sleeping. This means that cotton swabs are not that necessary.
Moreover, if you have earwax build-up, see a doctor to remove the wax using water and peroxide injected into your ears. This procedure is painless and effective too.
Additionally, your doctor can help you do a DIY cleaning at home, using a combination of equal parts of rubbing alcohol, water and white vinegar.

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