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How to Heal Cavities At Home and Save Money

We all believe that cavities cannot be healed and once we get it, we have to go to the dentist.
What we don’t know is that the tooth can heal itself by nourishing the body. This is a new fact that previously was thought impossible.
A study conducted at the British Medicinal Journal showed that cavities can be reversed of healed. This study included 62 children with cavities who were divided into three groups.
The first group took vitamin D and ate a grain free diet. The second group took vitamin D and consumed normal diet. The third group consumed standard food plus oatmeal.
These were the results from the study:
The third group had an increase in cavities, the second group had improvements, and the first group had the best results – almost all the cavities had healed.
This study proves that our beliefs about the cavities were wrong.
What causes tooth decay?

  • Not enough fat-soluble vitamins in the diet (A,D,E,K).
  • Not enough minerals.

Having a lack of minerals and vitamins and high level of phytates in the body, the ratio of phosphorus and calcium get out of balance where the minerals are pulled from the bones and cause bone loss and tooth decay.
How to heal tooth decay and cavities?
This is how you can maximize your oral health and heal the cavities:

  • Avoid or do not consume sugar
  • Avoid phytic acid
  • Oil pulling after waking up

Consume food that aids all the vitamins and minerals to get absorbed which depends from the level of Phytic acid in the body.
Consume food that is rich in vitamin A, D, E, K.

  • Gelatin is really good for gums and digestion.
  • Magnesium and phosphorus
  • Fermented cod liver oil

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