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Drink 1 Gallon Of Water For 30 Days: The Results Are Shocking

A journalist decided to drink 1 gallon of water every day for a month. He was amazed by the results when he finished with this experiment. While he was doing that he was writing down everything.
Day 1:
He bought a plastic bottle of one gallon and carried it with him. He knew it won’t be easy to drink that amount of water, but he didn’t give up.
Day 5:
Our body needs water, but drinking a gallon of water a day is not something usual. Also, you need to drink even when not thirsty. This reduces your appetite and you start eating less but you feel satiated all the time. However, you feel the need to urinate frequently. The journalist said he needed to urinate every 20 minutes.
Day 10:
He says that he started to feel better, fresher, especially in the mornings. He said that previously he needed a cup of coffee to start the day, but after starting this experiment he felt energized and fresh without the coffee. Moreover, he felt more beautiful and felt like something had changed in his appearance. His skin and hair had become shinier.
Day 15:
He felt more energized and he almost didn’t drink coffee because he didn’t feel the need for it. Another thing he noticed was that he had become faster and slept better. Moreover, he began feeling thirst if he hadn’t drunk water for a period of time. His body had adapted to the new lifestyle.
Day 20:
He still continued to urinate frequently, but he noticed that his urine had begun to be crystal clear. Also, his girlfriend said his skin looked clearer and much better. He felt more refreshed and got used to drinking significant amounts of water.
Day 30:
The 30th day was the last day of the experiment. He still had the need to go to the toilet all the time, but also he felt thirsty all the time. He adds that drinking a gallon of water a day is too much, but he has no intention to stop consuming it because he has felt the positive effects it brings. It is important to discover the right amount of water for you and drink it immediately. Soon, you will feel great.
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