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How Often You Should Wash Your Bras?

When was the last time you washed your bra? You’re DEFINITELY not washing them enough. You might also be wearing the wrong size! Let’s face it: We can do better when it comes to bras.
Here are 11 things you should know:
1. You’re not washing your bras enough.
Bra should be washed after every three wears. Those wears should never be in a row because you are stretching them out. Just like your clothing, you should rotate your bras.
2. And you’re probably not washing them correctly, either.
Ideally, we want to hand wash with a lingerie wash. However, if you must launder your bras in a machine, make sure you close the bras and put them inside a wash bag and than chose the right washer cycle: hand wash cycle or a delicate cycle.
3. You should be getting measured every six to eight months.
Your body changes, you could get pregnant, gain or lose weight. These are some of the reasons you should get measured regularly. Check in with your lingerie stylist every six to eight months.
4. Tightening your straps when a bra feels loose is not the solution.
It’s the band that is doing 90 percent of the supporting.  Tightening straps on a bra won’t make it feel more supportive. It’s important that the band, not the straps, are very firm.
5. Bras should be comfortable, and straps should never dig in to your shoulders.
No matter the bra size, shoulder straps shouldn’t dig in and cause pain. If this is the case you might want to use cushions.
6. Sleeping in a bra is your choice, but…
It is recommended women wear supportive sports bras, if they do choose to sleep in them.
7. One cup may be slightly less full than the other.
One breast is always bigger than the other one. You shouldn’t be worried if there is a small gap on one side. It won’t show through your clothing.
8. You’re not wearing all the bras in your wardrobe.
Women only wear two out of the 10 bras in their wardrobe. Ideally you want to have between seven and 10 that you wear regularly.

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