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Important! When You Need To Drink Warm, And When Cold Water?

It is well known fact that water is essential part of our life and it is highly important to drink the recommended quantities daily in order to stay in good health.
Is the temperature of the water important? Does it make a difference if we drink cold, warm or hot water?
We are not talking about extremely cold or hot water. When we say cold water, we mean the temperature of the water to be few degrees below the room temperature, while hot water is considered to be 4-5 degrees warmer than room temperature.

When Should We Drink Cold Water?

When we exercise
When we are physically active our body temperature increases and it cools down by sweating. It is important to restore the fluids that our body loses, so we drink cold water in order to cool and hydrate our body.
Note! Do not exaggerate and drink ice cold water.
When we have high temperature
It is recommenced to drink cold water when we have high temperature. In this way our body is cooling and getting enough fluids to fight against infection and bacteria. If a little sea salt and lemon is added to the water, it will restore the lost electrolytes.
When we are trying to lose weight
Cold water speeds up our metabolism and is perfect for losing extra calories. To be more precise, it can help us lose 70 calories per day. Although it is not enough just to drink water, it is good to know that 8 glasses of water a day are the same as walking about 15 minutes.

When Should We Drink Hot Water?

When we have problems with digestion
The consumption of warm water in the morning helps with digestion problems. Also, a cup of warm or hot water after the meals will improve the digestion of the food consumed, while the cold water will do quite the opposite.
During detoxification
A cup of lukewarm water with few drops of lemon in the morning is recommended for clearing the body from toxins.
When we have pains
Warm water stimulates blood circulation and helps in case of headache and milder inflammation, but it also relieves severe menstrual cramps.

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