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Lower and Control Your Blood Pressure Naturally

It is important to treat high blood pressure because it is a contributing role in more than 15% of deaths in USA.
High blood pressure causes no symptoms, but it boosts the risks of heart attack and stroke, among many other diseases.
Medication can help in lowering blood pressure, but also it may lead to side effects such as cramps, dizziness, and insomnia. Luckily, there are many natural remedies you can use to lower your blood pressure.
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1. Sunflower seed for lower high blood pressure
In a glaze pot add 2 ½ glasses of well washed unpeeled sunflower seed. Then, pour 1 liter of cold water over the seed and put it on heat. Lower the temperature when the water starts to boil and continue to boil them for 2 hours.
Next, strain the mixture and when it cools off; consume one glass of the liquid during the day. The rest of the mixture should be put on a well pressed pot and then placed in the fridge.
You will feel immediate results. Your blood pressure will be instantly lowered. This remedy is recommended to anyone who suffers from hypertension.
2. Plantain cure for lower blood pressure
Chop nicely plantain leaves. Pour one glass of vodka or 40 percent alcohol over 4 tablespoons of chopped plantain leaves in a jar. Close the jar and place it in dark place for 2 weeks. Filter the mixture afterwards.
Use 30 drops daily. It will successfully lower your blood pressure.
3. Layers for lower high blood pressure
Lower your blood pressure fast by using layers with vinegar of 5-6%. Soak a cotton cloth into this liquid and put it on the floor. Then, stand on it with your both feet. Start massaging your temporal bone and nape with cotton soaked in the vinegar.
Don’t keep the layer more than 20 minutes so that the pressure doesn’t get lowered too much. Then, check your blood pressure.
4. Onion for regulation of the high blood pressure
Peel and onion and place it in a jar. Then, pour one glass of cold water over it. Let it sit during the night. The next morning drink it on an empty stomach. Also, you should not throw away the onion, but add it in meals throughout the day.
Prepare another onion in the evening.
Prepare this remedy every day for a longer period. You will feel the benefits after some time. Gradually, your blood pressure will be regulated.
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