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After Reading This You Will Never Throw Away Your Used Tea Bags Again

Before throwing away your used tea bag, read this article and you will learn a few ways to keep and use the already used tea bags. This method of using tea bags is not new. Even ancient Chinese burnt tea in the summer evenings to keep away unwanted insects.
There are many ways to use them in order to heal health problems and add it to your beauty regimes, place them in your home or gardens.
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Dip tea bags in cold water and then put them on your eyelids. Wait for a few minutes and the tea will remove redness and swelling. Your eyes will start to look fresh again and rested. This method can be done for conjunctivitis as well.
2. Clothes and shoes can be refreshed
Used and dried tea bags can be put in the closet, so your clothes can smell nice. Place one bag in each shoe and it will eliminate odors from them.
3. Take care of your plants
Tea contains nutrients for plants, so used tea bags can be great organic manure for houseplants. Put the bag into the ground or remove the tea leaves from the bag and mix them with soil. This will help the soil absorb more water and any moisture from the tea.
4. Relieve pain
The healing properties of tea can ease pain and speed the healing of wounds. If you want to stop bleeding after extracted tooth, soak the used tea bag in water and bite it.
5. Relieve sunburn and get rid of acne
Wash the affected area with cold water in which used tea bags were soaked previously. Do this several times and you will feel relief and calm skin.
6. Clean your house
Remove dirt and grease from the mirrors and floors in your home with tea bags. Dip the used tea bag in warm water and you can start cleaning. Also, it can clean worktops in the kitchen and wooden surfaces and furniture. Wipe well to prevent stains.
They also help save you a few bucks here and there. See the video and let us know what you think!

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