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See This Tiny Spot On Your Ear? Watch What Happens When You Do THIS…

Mark Sandomirsky is a doctor of medical science and psychiatrist who recommends a simple technique that can help you relieve stress.
There are various causes and effects of stress, and it can be experienced in different ways. We feel weight or ache in certain body parts when experiencing stress. Stress is the biggest cause for many serious diseases nowadays.
Chinese acupressure massage can make miracles for your health. This is a simple way to deal with stress by massaging this certain point on your ear.
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First, eliminate all your negative emotions. Try not to keep them in and hurt your balance. Our body has natural anti-stress spots, so you can remove the physical effects with psycho-reflexology.
This spot, or point in the Ancient Chinese culture is known as Shen Men, or “The Gate of Heaven”. Our whole body gets heavenly energy when this area is treated. Shen Men is an extraordinary point that helps in strengthening our general health, helps in reducing stress and improves energy levels.
While massaging this point, inflammation and addiction are restrained, while the method relieves pain in every body part.
This point known as Shen Men, or Gate of Heaven is placed in the upper third part of the ear.
This is what Mark Sandomirsky advices:
– Press this point and gently massage it with a cotton swab. It is important to breathe deeply and listen to your body carefully.
– Look to the left while inhaling, and look to the right while exhaling. You will soon feel how your body relaxes.
– Massage this point with your fingers. Do this successful technique every time you feel under stress. Additionally, you can do it every night before going to sleep.
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