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Signs You’re Dating a Keeper, Not a Player

Here are some tips to consider if you are looking for a good man. Also, if you are not single, read the article to ensure yourself you have found the right man.
He is a guy with a good reputation
The dating history of a guy can tell a lot if he is a player or not. If he has broken many hearts, don’t think you will be able to change that.
He loves the way you are
Probably many of your shortcomings are cute to him, so he does not care if you are not extra stylish, don’t have a great job or buy expensive things.
He is not keeping secrets
Is he secretive with his phone when getting texts or calls? Or it does not make a great difference for him? If he makes excuses, but later changes the story, be careful because something is not right.
He can be trusted
He is always beside you, in both good and bad times. He is not hiding his honesty and trustworthy for you and all other people he cares for in this world.
You desire a similar future
It is normal to question yourself where your relationship is going. If the guy you are with is the right one, you are planning a life together eventually. But what are his plans and goals? Does he want to talk about your future together or he is shady?
He pays the bill
Real gentlemen pay the bill when on a date and don’t expect that gesture to mean you owe them anything.
You feel safe with him
You are not afraid to open your heart when you are with him. You can trust him and you see a future with him. Also, you are not worried if he doesn’t feel the same because you are sure he does.
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