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Simple Trick to Stimulate Blood Circulation and Get Rid of Headache Instantly Using a Towel

We all encounter a headache from time to time. If you want to learn a simple trick and get rid of it immediately, read this article.
We recommend this method because it is more helpful than a pill. Also, head massage is very pleasant.
Massage stimulates blood circulation in the problematic areas, releases stress and reduces pain.
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This is an effective way for improving blood circulation in your head and neck and eliminates pain.
Grab a good quality towel for this method. Roll the towel using a spiral motion. Press the towel on the back of your neck, holding the ends of the towel with both hands. Then, start moving the towel on the head, neck and shoulders. Move it with the same pace and unroll the towel gradually for a more intense massage.
Perform this method for 3-5 minutes. This should be enough to ease pain. If the pain continues, take a 10 minutes break and then repeat the massage.
Cramping is the most common cause of headaches, according to manual therapists. This spiral towel massage relaxes the head and neck which helps eliminate spasticity and has a positive effect on the clenched vertebrae of the neck.
The headache will quickly disappear if you combine the massage with additional therapy with mint tea, which relaxes the blood vessels.

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