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Stop Your Brain From Aging! 8 Thing to Start Doing NOW to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Human brain is one of the most hardworking organs in human body that work even while one is asleep. The brain is most active while one is young and tends to degenerate or decline during the old age. That is why most seniors always find it difficult to remember what happened few minutes ago and most of them are not able to think fast and reason properly due to decline in their brain. If you are already passing through this problem, you are not to border any longer as this article is dedicated to present you 8 ways to keep your brain sharp as you age. Milk is still one of the most effective foods that can enhance and boost brain both for young and the old alike.

1. Go for Saturated Fats
Indeed, saturated fat which can be gotten from butter and ghee as well as breast milk is one of the most essential ingredients needed to boost the brain for better function. Milk is among the chief sources of this special kind of fat. For that reason, you need to take milk if you want to keep your brain sharp as you age.

2. Eat Lightly Cooked Egg Yolks to Make Your Brain Sharp
Egg yolk contains choline which is a member of vitamin B family that supercharges brain cells in developing babies. More so it is part of the main memory neurotransmitter.

3. Incorporate Ocean Vegetables to Your Diet
Ocean vegetables contain not only omega-3 fatty acids but also contain all the 52 minerals your body needs to function effectively. So, vegetables obtain from the sea have more concentration of vitamins than any other food.

4. Cleanse Your Liver to Make Your Brain Sharp
You may ask the relationship between liver and the brain, the liver is responsible for production of amino- acid needed for the brain to function. For that reason, in order to make your brain sharp you have the supplement the function of your live by nourishing it.

5. Keep Learning Even At Your Old Age
Indeed, the brain can only function effectively as long as you keep learning even at your old age. This is because a higher level of education is associated with better brain and mental function mostly in the old age.

6. Give Your Brain A Rest to Make It Sharp
Your brain needs some rest after functioning for a longer period of time. Depriving yourself sleep at night can easily impair the function of your brain. So, you have to try as much as you can to give your brain a rest so as to keep it sharp.

7. Improve Your Digestion to Make Your Brain Sharp As You Age
There are some nutrients needed in the body for your brain to function properly and effectively. You can only get enough the nutrients from the foods you eat with the foods are properly digest. That is why you have to improve your digestion to make your brain sharp.

8. Include Organic Fats in Your Food
Some foods like fish, seeds and nut and packed with organic and unrefined fat. So eating such kind of foods will help to improve your brain and make it sharp as you age.
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