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THIS is the First Thing You Should Do as Soon as You Wake Up!

Stretching comes instinctively every morning after waking up. But why do we do it? It feels good, helps us wake up, and boosts flexibility and motility in the muscles and joints. Moreover, stretching boosts circulation and relieves tension. It helps our body function properly. However, stretch gently because stretching your body too aggressively can cause strained muscles or ligaments.
THIS is the First Thing You Should Do as Soon as You Wake Up!
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Morning stretching boosts blood circulation and give you energy to roll out of bed. After waking up, the heart rate is slowest, so stretching helps blood moves faster and circulate to the muscles in the extremities. Improved circulation aids in moving and functioning throughout the day.  You will feel revitalized and refreshed, helping you to awaken faster.
Lowers stress and tension
Reducing stress and tension is another benefit from stretching. If you want to relieve tension before a stressful day, take a few minutes to stretch in the morning. Stretch for 30 seconds to give your muscles time to lengthen, then relax and breathe normally.
Muscle flexibility
Sleeping for a longer period makes you wake up with tight muscles. Thus it feels good when stretching the kinks in the neck, legs and back. When the muscles are flexible, it is easier to get out of bed and do your everyday tasks.
Joint flexibility
Not enough daily activity, overweight, poor diet, lack of sleep, cold or damp environment are the biggest causes of stiffness in the morning. The motion in the joints is improved by stretching in the morning, including stiffness triggered by being inactive or overweight. Moreover, stretching can relieve some of the stiffness and warm your muscles and joints, even prevent injuries to stiff knees, ankles, back or hips.
Stretching during the day
Try to stretch every day with moderate exercises like walking. This way you will avoid excessive stiffness and muscle soreness in the morning. Another exercise you can incorporate into your daily rutine is yoga. Muscles and joint limber will be strong with regular stretches.

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