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How often do you change your underwear? Wearing clean underwear every day is essential because the dirty ones can have serious consequences on your health.
Bacteria are the reason. They are present on your underwear, while the humid environment helps them breed. Here are the biggest reasons you have to change underwear on a daily basis.
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The bacteria that extend in underwear can transfer to the skin. This can irritate the area and lead to excessive itching. There are people who claim that changing your underwear often is not hygienic, but not changing your underwear every day can cause bacterial build-up and more severe problems than itching.
Rashes and Irritation
When having an itch, you expose yourself to irritation and ulcers because the dirty cloth rubs the ruptured skin and infects it. The slightly visible skin bumps can become open sores. Because of the hair on the genital area, it doesn’t get much air and the healing process goes slow. To prevent rashes and irritation, start changing your underwear every day.
Unpleasant Odor
If you don’t change your underwear every day, it means you are not taking a shower every day. This increases the chances of bacterial build-up and increased unpleasant odor. Prevent it by changing your underwear every day.
Infections Triggered by Excess Moisture
Nasty infections can be caused by excessive sweating and regular moisture of the genital area. So, not changing underwear on a daily basis can increase this problem. Try wearing cotton underwear and avoid nylon and lace panties.
Urinary Tract Infections Risk
UTI is a serious condition that can damage the reproductive organs. Bacteria on the panties can get to the bladder and organs and cause painful burning sensation. Reduce the risk of this condition by wearing clean underwear.
Daily change of underwear is recommended. If you exercise regularly, change your underwear after a workout. Also, if you work a physical job, you need to change your underwear twice a day. Not only you will feel clean and fresh, but also you will prevent infections and severe disease.
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